Fixed Income Savings Account

Grow your wealth at a fixed rate of 6 to 8% per year on dollar pegged USDT

Fixed Income
Investment Frequency
Monthly Investment
Very Low
Investment Horizon
Expected Volatility
0% to +8% YOY

Volatility is not for everyone and some investors prefer the certainty of smaller returns over a long term of period. If you were to place a grain of salt in one square of a chess board and double that for every box, by the end of the 64 moves (number of boxes on a chessboard) you have more consumed more salt than all the atoms in our galaxy. That's the power of compounding.

Botsfolio savings account allows you to earn fixed income on capital invested in the fund by buying stable coins (US dollar pegged cryptocurrencies) and using them as collateral for earning fixed interest on your capital.

Double Benefits Savings

Fixed income returns

The money invested in the fund is kept as a mixed basket of stable-coins (USDT, USDC, DAI etc) that can earn fixed income on the assets by holding the assets in locked accounts for fixed period of time. While not all the coins will remain available for liquidation at any point in time, they should retain their equivalent value in US dollar as long as the underlying asset and its backing organisation remains solvent.

Inflation hedging against US Dollar

Another great advantage of investing in Botsfolio fixed income savings account is prevention of loss in purchasing power arising due to inflation against US Dollar. As the stable coins are pegged against US dollar, that makes your investment subject to the same inflation rates as the US dollar. As currencies in most developing inflate faster than the US Dollar, investments in this fund are also deemed to benefit from hedging against the inflation in the base currency. For instance if Indian Rupee inflates at an average rate of 4% per year while the inflation rate for US Dollar is 1% for the same given year, your currency appreciates 3% in value just by the virtue of being pegged to US Dollar.

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